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Crack Cocaine Overdose

For drug users, knowing the signs and symptoms of a Crack Cocaine Overdose is something that will help you realize when overdose has occurred, and will warn you to make the call to emergency services right away. One of the most common signs or symptoms is the feeling of slower reaction times, and the user may feel a feeling of impending death. Since the cocaine enters the blood stream so quickly, and since there is no way to know how strong the drug you are using is, there is no way to estimate how much you can use, prior to the issue of a Crack Cocaine Overdose being a problem. So, if you do feel slowed breathing, chest pain, or other issues of a similar nature, you have to contact emergency services right away, in order to be able to properly treat the overdose, prior to the problem becoming fatal. From rapid heart beat, sweating profusely, paranoia, or seizures, any or all of these can be a sign of Crack Cocaine Overdose.

In the event of a Crack Cocaine Overdose, you will notice these symptoms almost immediately upon the drug entering the blood stream. Since it happens so quickly, you have to react quickly if you want to help the user, and if you want to ensure the problem does not become fatal. The first and most important thing is to contact emergency medical services to come to the home, and try to help the individual. You will be told what to do while you are on the phone, and waiting for the paramedics to arrive. They will ask you if the user's heart is still beating, whether they are breathing, and what other symptoms they are showing, in order to determine how you can help the individual who has overdosed. In some cases you will be directed to talk to the user, possibly administer CPR, check their pulse, or any other number of commands might be given, depending on the type of Crack Cocaine Overdose, and depending on whether or not the user is still breathing.

Until the paramedics arrive, you will likely remain on the phone with the dispatch services; once they arrive at your home, the best thing to do is to step back, and allow them to try and get the user conscious, and possibly offer any medical attention necessary to ensure the overdose is not fatal. Because the drug is so strong, and since there is no way to truly know how strong the cocaine you are using is (especially if you buy from different dealers), a Crack Cocaine Overdose is quite common. The best way to deal with it when it occurs, is to know what the signs and symptoms are (from shortness of breath, to seizures, rapid heart beat, etc), and to contact emergency services immediately. As an overdose can be fatal, the sooner you call for help, and the sooner you get the proper treatment, the better the chances are for survival.

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