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How Crack Cocaine Is Smoked

What is Crack?

Crack cocaine is a solid form of cocaine which is made by cooking powdered coke with baking soda and water. When addicts who use this form of cocaine are looking to get high, they will use anything which works. This is not to say that crack addicts are not particular about what they use to get high, it is the drug which puts them in this frantic state of mind.

Crushed, Crumbled or Solid as a Rock

Individuals who use crack cocaine get high by smoking the drug on a pipe or some form of tubing. Since it comes in the form of a hard substance commonly referred to as a "rock" by many who use it, the drug is usually chopped up into small pieces or crumbs. Once the drug is in the form of crumbs- the user will continue to prepare for their "thrill ride", however they may simply choose to keep it as is, in the form of a rock.

Crack Cocaine Paraphernalia

The materials or paraphernalia which is needed to smoke crack, can easily be found around the house- or purchased at local stores, depending on what the smoker is looking for. Crack cocaine is normally smoked with a tube which allows smoke to build up and be inhaled, giving a feeling which some have described to be much like an "orgasm". However, there are other items needed to smoke the drug effectively. Some items which crack smokers use to achieve their high are:

  • T.V. antenna
  • Tube
  • Smoking Pipe
  • Chore
  • Lighter
  • Small Torch
  • Customized Gadget

Crack users are known to improvise when looking for smoking utensils. They often use television antennas which have been broken off, small tubes which are made of glass, a regular smoking pipe used for tobacco, or they may choose to customize their own gadget. Making their own gadget allows for what they believe to be the ultimate high. Some may choose to use marijuana pipes; as long as you can smoke out of it- a crack addict will use it. Even an ink pen's shell which has been broken can be used as a tube- with a bit of aluminum foil to prevent melting, it is perfect for a "one hitter". Addicts refer to anything which can only be used once as a "one hitter"; once it is used, it is thrown away.


Wire, or "chore" which is normally used to wash dishes, is the main piece of a crack pipe. It is used to filter the baking soda from the cocaine when smoking. That way the smoker will only get the effect of the cocaine. A light of some sort will be needed as well, but thats obvious right? Lighters, torches or any other large flame is needed to smoke crack. The bigger the flame the better- so long as it is not outrageously large.

What It Takes To Smoke

Ok, we have a tube, lighter, and chore. Again, chore is much like the copper wire-like substance used to scrub pots and pans. This is all a crack user needs. They will fill one end of the tube or smoking device with chore, being sure not to use too much. The more a person does this, the more efficient they become. Once the tube is filled, the crack cocaine is placed on top of the chore. If it is still in the form of a rock, a small balancing act will ensue, but once it is melted everything works out. Some smokers even light the rock before putting the pipe into their mouth. Once the cocaine is on the chore, the tube is placed in the mouth much like a cigarette. It is then lit at the end where the cocaine is, this normally takes a few seconds. After the "pipe" is lit, smoke will gather in the tube and it will be inhaled and held in for a few seconds. After exhaling, the smoker feels a sensation over their body which lasts a few minutes at best. They will react by making sudden moves, or freezing all together. The mouth may begin to move in a robotic way, like a stroke victim. This is when many smokers have heart attacks. That is when the "blast" is too much for the heart. When the feeling subsides, the smoker may begin to walk around doing what is called "speeding". They will be a bit confused or dazed for a while.

Your future is now

There is nothing nice about smoking crack cocaine. Regardless of the feeling it provides, cocaine is a dangerous drug and could quite possibly cause one to have a heart attack. If you or your loved one is experiencing a crack cocaine addiction, seek help now. Remember, it's not what you did in your past which makes a huge difference- it's what you do in your future which does- and your future begins right this minute.

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